Electro mecce engineering service was established in 1994 EC and it’s start the business with electrical, electro mechanical and industrial engineering service in rewinding, designing, assembling of electrical controlling boards and manufacturing agro industrial product.

Mission statement


  • Leading the technology.
  • Leading innovation and creativity.
  • Ensures customer satisfaction
  • Increase the number of technological product produce in the country.
  • Developing and apply reliable and cost effective technique

And  technological.


  • The major focus of our activity in establishing successful long term relationship with our customers and suppliers.
  • Expansion of engineering sector in our country.
  • Creates linkage and growth in the industry and agricultural sector.
  • Supports the government in technology research and result
  • Advise and assist effective engineering solutions to our customers .


  • Leadership, transformational learning.
  • Team work partnership and strategic alliance, relevance.


Brief Objective

  • To provide & serve to the needy with a special Electro Mechanically & Industrial Electric engineering capability amassed over along years of experience at exceptional environment.
  • To introduce technologically reliable cost effective solutions to a wide variety of market needs
  • As institute to produce skilled manpower with a qualitative on the job training.
  • Constant up grade & modernize technical capability to provide & speedy service.

Organizational Setup

  • The general manager is the founder & as an office, a policy making body of the company.
  • The day-to day activities of the company is run, co-ordinate, controlled & supervised by the office of the general manager with a strong backing by the legal and audit service departments that play an active advisory role.
  • The company has been structured with three main departments,
  1. Technical Department
  2. Finance Department
  3. Administration & General Service Department. 

Our Marketing Strategy    

 Based Right information available to the right target.


Our Management team share holder

- Wide expertise

- Broad knowledge


Ethio Mill

Characteriscs of hammer. Hardened ..

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Vertical Mixer

Electric motor with controlling panel /optional


Ethio Mill

It can be used to crush all kins of grain, like corn...


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