* Feb, 8-15 /2018 Electro Mecce Engineering service Participate in the 4th National Cooperative Exhibition, Bassar  & Sympossium.

*Electro Mecce Engineering Service Install Compound Animal Feed Machines At Ambo, Gonder and Nekemt.

*New products of Electro Mecce Engineering Service Manufactured in 2007 E.c, Compound Animal Feed Machine,Drum Sieve,Machine squeezing tomatoes, Ethio Plastic Shredder ,Tomatoes Seed Dryer Machine, Ethio Gypsum Mill,Ground Net,Ethio Maize Thresher,Ethio Mill & Mixer Horizontal.

*Ground Nut Sheller Saving time, restoring health, transforming a generation, Oxfam reported on its documentary.




* Electromecce Engineering service Join in Exhibition and conferences on:

        Addis Ababa Exhibition center on may, 2005 E.c

  • Over 20 producers participate on the Exhibition .
  • Elecro mecce products also open for Exhibition Like.
  1. Ethio mixer
  2. Ethio chopper
  3. Ethio Mill






Ethio Mill

Characteriscs of hammer. Hardened ..

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Vertical Mixer

Electric motor with controlling panel /optional


Ethio Mill

It can be used to crush all kins of grain, like corn...


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